Kathryn Parker Healing

Kathryn is an intutive energy healer who specializes in catering to her clients individual needs.  She intuively senses what would best serve her client energetically.  She has an insight into the vibrational nature of her clients past, present and future and is able to offer insight and advice that a client may not be able to see clearly at the time.  She is also a medium and can receive information and messages from energies who are no longer a part of our physical world. 


Pam Flowerday

Pam Flowerday brings 20 years of experience working with people intuitively and as an energy healer to provide a higher, spiritual perspective regarding their issues and support moving forward.  Her Intuitive Counseling sessions (clairvoyant readings) help clients identify the core issues that cause distress and a compromised functioning of their subtle energy system. With this new awareness, many recurring emotional and physical issues are uncovered and resolved. Hands-on energy healing, Reiki and other bodywork modalities then help to release the physically expressed blocks and muscular/skeletal holding patterns. Together, the sessions provide clients with new clarity, resolution and healing in body, mind and spirit. Please ask about her special local Spokane client prices.

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Sam Bryen Soul Guide

In 2012, The Lotus Spokane co-owner, Sam moved to Rwanda, Africa. It was the catalyst for a complete overhaul of everything she thought she knew she was and an introduction for a life she could have never imagined for herself—full of unknowns, risks, leaps of faith and depth. Now, in Spokane, Washington with her Rwandan husband and two children, after many ups and downs, deaths and rebirths, she have learned that we are continually unfolding— parts of us must die so that new parts of us can be birthed. Her coaching specializes in making peace with your unbecoming, cross-cultural integration, business coaching, risk-taking, and improving relationships.